American Express End User License Agreement

If you have any feedback on products, software or services or ideas to improve them, please contact our team. Please note that, in this way, you can also grant Nutshell an unlimited, free, irrevocable and transferable license, with a sublicensing right, to use your ideas or comments and integrate them into products, software or services (or software, content or third-party services) and to exploit your ideas and comments without further compensation. Your terms of use should cover all the basics of the Apple CLA standard. Some provisions should not be excluded, such as “consent to the use of data.” Otherwise, the user has not agreed to use the technical information that you can collect using his device. You are solely responsible for your use of Nutshell`s “Click-to-Call” function. You and your end-users agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the recording of phone calls. This may include notifying all parties to a conversation that their calls are being recorded. 7. Data collection and use. You agree that, because of your use of the Services, you may collect the following information regularly and without further notification: technical data and related information, including, but not limited, technical information about your device, system software and applications, and devices. You agree that our use of this information should be regulated by the American Express privacy statement [see:]. They recognize that Nutshell or third parties own all rights, titles and interests on and on the source computer code relating to products, software or services, parts of them or software or content provided above or in relation to products, software or services, including and without restriction of all intellectual property rights.

With the exception of the license granted in this section, all rights to and from products, software or services are reserved and no implied License from Nutshell is granted. Any unauthorized use of a Nutshell computer system is a violation of this agreement and certain federal and regional laws. These offences may impose civil and criminal penalties on the unauthorized user and his agents. 2. Licensing. The application is licensed by CHESS and will not be sold to use only under the terms of this Agreement. CHESS heress with a revocable, non-exclusive, “personal, non-un conceded, non-transferable, limited and limited right to install and use the app on mobile devices that are yours and controlled by you, and to access and use the app on these mobile devices strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

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