Agreement Between God And Abraham

You will be circumcised in the flesh of your predepartments, and this will be a sign of a bond between me and you. Not only does Jesus exercise a permanent, perfect, and heavenly priesthood (Heb 7:23–8:6), but the covenant of which he mediates, “is based on better promises” (Heb 8:6b), explained in terms of “eternal redemption” (9:12) and an “eternal inheritance” (9:15) that is assured by the blood of Christ (Heb 9:11–10:18) – later described as “the blood of the eternal covenant” (Hebrews 13:20). Like Paul, therefore, the contrast is not between something bad and good, but between something good (but temporal) and something better (for, unlike the Old Covenant, novelty is unbreakable and eternal). 17 When Abram was eighty-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him, and said, “I am God, the Almighty, ;(C) I am faithful before me, and I am rebellious. .

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