Bjp Shiv Sena Agreement

While Sena insists that the two sides have agreed to rotate the prime minister`s position and allocate portfolios 50 to 50 before the elections, the BJP says no such deal has been discussed. In the parliamentary elections to be held in 1990, Shiv Sena ran with 183 seats out of 288. This type of agreement is in itself a statement that the BJP and Shiv Sena have clashed since the beginning of their alliance. Shivsena has proposed a formula of 21:18:04, but the BJP is not ready to give this number of ministries. Discussions are ongoing between shivsena and BJP. Originally, a formula similar to that of 1995 was also proposed. In 1995, Shivsena was given the post of chief minister, while the BJP was given the post of deputy chief minister with important portfolios such as Home, Finance and PWD. The formula itself was rejected during the first round tables. On 21 October elections to the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly were held on 1 October. The BJP had contested the elections in alliance with Shiv Sena. However, according to the October 24 results, the two sides were unable to form a government because they got bogged down for a power-sharing agreement. The BJP was part of the alliance, but at that time it had a very weak organisation in the state. The party was then only four years old.

Bal Thackeray agreed with BJP leaders LK Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee and ran candidates Shiv Sena on the BJP`s electoral symbol in the 1984 elections. Maharashtra Government: BJP and Shiv Sena could not agree on a power-sharing agreement. (File) After the bitter struggle, BJP and Shivsena seem to be working on a deal. Sources said a compromise formula was being worked out to form a government among Safran`s allies. The BJP and Sena fought together in the elections and won 105 seats and 56 seats respectively, but they struggled to agree on portfolios and a joint agreement with the prime minister. The NCP has 54 MLAs and the Congress 44 The agreement between the two sides was reportedly sealed after BJP Chairman Amit Shah chaired a meeting of the Maharashtra party`s central group on September 30 to finalis its electoral strategy and reset the parliamentary election candidates. “We will only discuss the proposal we agreed on before the parliamentary elections,” Sanjay Raut, the chief leader of Shiv Sena, said in Mumbai. No new proposals are being exchanged.

Before the elections, the BJP and Shiv Sena had an agreement on the position of the CM, and we only promoted the alliance for the elections. High-level sources in the BJP told India Today TV that the BJP is ready to offer 14 cabinet bed places to Shiv Sena, while the Shivsena demands 18. Sena is also demanding plum wallets, although Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis has firmly stated that he will not part with portfolios important for the homeland and urban development. However, the BJP is considering offering to give Shiv Sena important portfolios such as Revenue and Finance or Complete PWD. However, some of the leaders are opposed to these portfolios being given. Congress nationalist party leader Jaydutt Kshirsagar associates Shiv Sena with the desire to get more seats could end in divorce, Sena leader warns BJPSep 13, 2014 Raut said he interviewed congress nationalist party leader Sharad Pawar and also announced that he would hold talks with Fadnavis, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah and former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Maharashtra polls: Sena-BJP seal seat dealSep 19, 2009 The defeat of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance was attributed to sabotage. There were strong rumours that the BJP and Shiv Sena candidates were tired of defeating each other`s candidates for their party to get more people in the Assembly and claim the post of prime minister, as Bal Thackeray presented in 1995. The Shiv Sena wanted to claim the formation of a government, thinking that this figure could be managed, but the BJP under Advani and Vajpayee hesitated not to have a majority. . . .

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