Fedex Billable Stamp Agreement And Order Form

If you are using the MSU VDL prepaid mailer, keep half of the rompable print, as it contains your UPS shipment tracking number. There is room on this receipt for you to take notes for your recordings if you wish. Send a package or envelope with your FedEx Billable Stamp in it. This often happens when a customer wants to return an item you sold them. The FedEx Billable Stamp replaces an air ticket. When you get the package, you`ll see your FedEx Billable Stamp with the specific delivery settings you`ve set up. The stamp costs nothing if it is not used. Packaging samples (with a minimum probability of the presence of pathogens or for the diagnosis of an infectious disease) require sufficient inner and outer packaging. For more information, see our shipping rules for submitting samples. FedEx Billable Stamps have been designed to make return management easy and cost-effective. These are shipping labels that you order with your shipping address. If a customer requests a return, send them the outgoing package with your FedEx Billable Stamp inside.

The customer, on the other hand, can easily return the package to you while keeping control of your shipping costs. Sample and packaging requirements differ depending on the type of test ordered. You will find a list of packaging and shipping conditions in our catalog of available tests or contact us at 517.353.1683. While customers can send samples in their own containers, the MSU VDL is happy to provide emails for sending samples. The VDL SSM sells first-class emails for the U.S. Postal Service. We also sell prepaid emails for UPS with guaranteed overnight delivery. Customers who pay for UPS service in advance are not charged for additional shipments from UPS. For customers who prefer FedEx, we offer a defacable FedEx stamp for Monday-to-Friday delivery. It`s not just any box that will do it. For more information, see our shipping rules for submitting samples.

Ordering shipping accessories is easy! Call us at 517.353.1683, fax a product order form to 517.353.4426 or fill out the DELIVERY section on a VDL MSU submission form. For more information about how to receive lab reports and how to make changes if necessary, see Report Options and Information. We are aware that there are times when you need to ask us to cancel a requested test. Please contact the general laboratory number at 517.353.1683. If a test is already performed, it may be necessary to charge a fee for that test from your account. If you would like to confirm receipt of your samples, please call us at 517.353.1683. You can also sign up for MSU VDL WebView and view the status of your test request online. If you have any questions about the results you receive, you can contact the laboratory for your results. Please keep at your disposal the MSU VDL account number, the name of the owner, the date on which samples were sent and the tests requested. In the interest of privacy and continuity of care, results are only shared with the client (the clinic or the person paying the bill).

Contact us from Monday to Friday at 517.353.1683 and choose option 1. . . .

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