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This section describes some basic settings that help optimize deployments by reducing interaction with end users during product launch. The Advanced Configuration section contains additional configuration examples. Go to the user`s configuration – » Windows Settings – » Registration I have identified the registration key accepted by the EULA, from this point I transferred this registration key to my computers after the installation was completed and before the first execution of the application. As soon as it was done, I had no problems. You can use a command line during installation to prevent the installation of the service that provides updates: DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL. If the input prompt is C:WindowsSystem32> continue to step 4. Otherwise, type the following command in the same way as shown below, including the quotation marks, and then press enter: cd “%systemroot% system32” Nothing seems to prevent the Eula from requiring interaction. Has anyone encountered this problem and I hope they have found a solution? In environments where administrators need to control how and when updates are provided, updating is common.

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