What Do You Put In A Prenuptial Agreement

A court would never uphold a provision of a marriage contract that deals with child support, custody or access, as these are matters of public order. The court retains the power to decide what is in the best interests of the child and will not deny a child the right to financial assistance or the opportunity to have a relationship with a capable parent. Prenaptial agreements are only part of the guarantee that your estate plan is executed as you see fit. Keep in mind that you also need to create and secure other documents such as wills and living trusts. Although marriage contracts are considered binding legal contracts, they are not inviolable. Under certain conditions, they can be rejected by a court if they are challenged in the divorce proceedings of a couple. While Justin and Hailey are young and in love – and throw all the caution in the wind – no one with a large fortune should follow their example. Here are 10 things every person should know about prenaptial agreements. We sat down with Nicole Sodoma, Managing Director at Sodoma Law, to find out what many don`t know about what they can – but probably should – include in a prenup. In short, a marriage contract is simply an alternative estate planning tool that can be used to protect the financial interests of the couple and their heirs. A prenuptial agreement, or simply a prenup, has been the subject of much heated debate. People have crossed swords on this subject both in the public sphere and (naturally) in the private sphere.


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