The Iowan Portfolio

Check out the Sept./ Oct. 2011 issue of  The Iowan magazine.  They used an eight page series of images that I captured at Lake Macbride State Park over the last two seasons 🙂  I was fortunate enough to visit when a lot of water from Lake Macbride was going over the dam and the Coralville Reservoir levels were low.  Also, the Fall colors were incredible!

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Pow Wow at Wickiup Hill

On August 27 Linn County Conservation invited the members of the Meskwaki Nation to perform traditional dances and story telling at Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center.  Over 500 people attended the 1st annual event.

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Back From the Boundary Waters

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I just returned from another canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota.  This was a father/ daughter trip, but my younger daughter Lisa had just switched jobs and was unable to go so I paddled solo.  We (I traveled with Alan and Leah) entered at Sawbill Lake and base-camped on Grace Lake.  The weather, fishing and photo opportunities were all superb!  I will adding more photos in the Boundary Waters Gallery in the next few days.

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Bumblebees at Wickiup Hill

I ran across several pollen-laden bumblebees in the north prairie at Wickiup Hill Natural Area.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to capture the bee.  The camera was set to continuously shoot and I must have taken 200 images!  I ended up with only a handful of shots that I considered decent.

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Backyard Squirrels

It’s amazing how many photo ops I get right  in my own backyard.  Tonight while grilling, this little guy (on left) came down and was looking for seed around the bird feeder.  He was very comfortable letting me get to within 5-6 ft.  The next day the one on the right took a break from the heat by stretching out on the top of my feeding platform.

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Backyard Baby Blue jay

While mowing the grass, I steered around the shed and almost hit two baby bluejays.  They could fly well enough to get out of my way, but fortunately this little one stuck around just long enough for a photo.

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Wakpicada Natural Area

This weekend I visited Wakpicada Natural Area near Central City.  The spiderwort was in full bloom and offered some great photo ops… the gnats were also present in full strength.  This is a very nice Linn County park that is easy to forget about.  Thanks to Jim Durbin for reminding me about it.

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Maquoqeta Caves Last Fall

Last Fall I visited Maquoqeta Caves State Park for the first time.  I was blown away by the great photo opportunities!  I am just now getting around to processing some of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) sequences that I shot.  I used Photomatix Pro software to process 5 images that I took at different exposure settings so I could capture the entire tonal range of the scene.  Even though I am still experimenting with the software, here is one example of an image I am pleased with.

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Eagles at the Roller Dam

In mid February I finally made it to the roller dam here in Cedar Rapids to photograph the eagles.  Most winters, after a prolonged cold spell, they will congregate around the open water.  At any given time, I could see between 12-20 eagles.  Some of them were quite a distance away across the river, but others perched in trees near the road and didn’t seem to be affected by the traffic.

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